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Welcome to the Nightspot!

Crush Nightspot is a truly unique bar/nightclub in the heart of Cabo San Lucas. Since opening in February 2016, Crush has quickly grown to be a favorite party spot both for visitors and locals alike.

Crush is the only place in Cabo where you can really get a full treat for all your senses. We offer a cutting edge sound system that is pleasing to the ears and attracts DJ’s from all over to come and play. The lighting and luxurious decor is also attractive, yet still has the feel of the Cabo beach destination we have all known to love. And with its top class design, Crush is the only spot in Cabo where you can dance above the bar! It is a true playground for adults. At Crush you are not just hanging out at a bar, and you are not just dancing at a nightclub, you are partying your life out at a nightspot, and you never know when you will run into your next crush….